Food for All in a Sustainable World: The IIASA Food and Agriculture Program

Parikh, K.S. & Rabar, F. (1981). Food for All in a Sustainable World: The IIASA Food and Agriculture Program. IIASA Status Report. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: SR-81-002

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This report summarizes presentations at the IIASA Food and Agriculture Program Status Report Conference, held in February 1981. This conference was organized to communicate the research results obtained so far, to describe activities in progress, and to consider the priorities for future work. The purpose of the FAP's research is to identify national and international policies to relieve current food problems and to forestall food problems in the future.

Part 1 of the report is a detailed description of the problems the FAP perceives, the issues it addresses, its goals, and its approaches to these goods. Its methodology, and work on the basic linked system of national policy models for food and agriculture, are described in Part 2. Part 3 gives an account of the FAP's computerized data bank. Detailed national policy models, 14 in all, are described in Part 4. In addition to work on short-term strategies, studies of the long-term problems of agriculture (energy-agriculture interactions, technological transformations and resource limitations) are under way; Part 5 describes these, and gives details of three case studies.

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Research Programs: Food and Agriculture (FAG)
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