A Review of Mathematical Models of Phosphorus Release from Sediments

Leonov, A.V. (1981). A Review of Mathematical Models of Phosphorus Release from Sediments. IIASA Working Paper. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: WP-81-153

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This report summarizes the data available on the role of the sediments as an internal source of phosphorus and reviews the literature on the phosphorus exchange processes in the sediment-water interface. Data on the sediment phosphorus release rates is presented. The role of individual processes such as mixing and diffusion as well as important environmental characteristics (oxygen and organic matter concentrations in sediment, temperature, pH and sediment oxidative state and bacterial activity) are discussed. Specific attention is given to analyzing the available information on the mechanisms of phosphorus transformations in the sediment-water interface because it is considered important in choosing the approaches when modeling the phosphorus exchange reactions in the sediment-water layer. The report also includes: models of phosphorus adsorption which are used in calculations of phosphorus removal by sediments. In addition, this report discusses 31 different models that are used for estimations of phosphorus release from the sediment as well as for the simulation of phosphorus transformations in the sediment-water interface. The report summarizes the rate coefficients and model parameters used in the simulation runs.

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