Handbook of Systems Analysis: Volume 1. Overview. Chapter 3. Examples of Applied Systems Analysis

Quade, E.S. (1981). Handbook of Systems Analysis: Volume 1. Overview. Chapter 3. Examples of Applied Systems Analysis. IIASA Working Paper. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: WP-81-133

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The International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis is preparing a Handbook of Systems Analysis, which will appear in three volumes:

Volume 1: Overview is aimed at a widely varied audience of producers and users of systems analysis studies.

Volume 2: Methods is aimed at systems analysts and other members of systems analysis teams who need basic knowledge of methods in which they are not expert; this volume contains introductory overviews of such methods.

Volume 3: Cases contains descriptions of actual systems analyses that illustrate the diversity of the contexts and methods of systems analysis.

Drafts of the material for Volume 1 are being widely circulated for comment and suggested improvement. This Working Paper is the current draft of Chapter 3. Correspondence is invited.

Volume 1 will consist of the following ten chapters:

1. The context, nature, and use of systems analysis

2. The genesis of applied systems analysis;

3. Examples of applied systems analysis

4. The methods of applied systems analysis: An introduction and overview

5. Formulating problems for systems analysis

6. Objectives, constraints, and alternatives

7. Predicting the consequences: Models and modeling

8. Guidance for decision

9. Implementation

10. The practice of applied systems analysis

To these ten chapters will be added a glossary of systems analysis terms and a bibliography of basic works in the field.

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