Coordination of Water Demand and Supply Models: Silistra Region Case Study

Chernyatin, V. & Gouevsky, I.V. (1981). Coordination of Water Demand and Supply Models: Silistra Region Case Study. IIASA Working Paper. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: WP-81-094

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To date, the economic analysis of water use, especially in a regional context, is unthinkable without the coordination of water demand and supply issues. The point is that water supply costs and water demand are closely interrelated. The paper presents one of the possible approaches to water supply-demand balancing. Specifically, it is concerned with the coordination of the two regional models -- agricultural water demand and water supply models for the Silistra region of Bulgaria. Both these models were developed at IIASA separately in 1977 and 1979 respectively. The approach is based on the search for the equilibrium state for water demands and marginal costs of water. The procedure of the search for the equilibrium point developed is the iterative process of interacting the two models mentioned above. The paper does not attempt to find theoretical proofs for the existence and uniqueness of the equilibrium state for the two models, or the convergence of the iterative process. The main working tool in the water demand and supply coordination chosen was computer experiments. The interactive runs of these models were done on the IIASA PDP 11/45 and Pisa (Italy) IBM 365/170 computers. Convergence of the iterative process above occurred in the five iterations. One of the interesting results of the modeling effort is the economic inexpedience of irrigation for some agricultural areas with high enough marginal costs of water. In the paper, the Silistra agricultural water demand and supply models, the principles of their coordination, and results of runs are presented.

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