Technology Predictions for Arctic Hydrocarbon Development: Digitalization Potential

Tretyakov, N., Cherepovitsyn, A., & Komendantova, N. ORCID: (2020). Technology Predictions for Arctic Hydrocarbon Development: Digitalization Potential. In: Technological Transformation: A New Role For Human, Machines And Management. pp. 241-251 Springer. 10.1007/978-3-030-64430-7_21.

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A key factor in the development of the Arctic is the projects aimed at the development of oil and gas-bearing offshore and onshore fields, whose reserves are estimated at 13% of the world’s proven reserves and 43% of the undiscovered reserves. Arctic oil production and oil and gas engineering projects in the coming years will become drivers of oil and gas industry development in the world due to the huge mineral resource base. Efficient development of new fields under conditions of low temperatures, harsh climate and lack of necessary infrastructure is impossible without innovative technological solutions capable of ensuring hydrocarbon recovery and competitive energy prices on the market. The oil and gas industry is gradually becoming more progressive in terms of digital transformation, which makes it possible to state the fact that a large customer is emerging in the market of innovative technological solutions, capable of becoming in the near future a locomotive in the field of digital technologies. The program of technological transformations requires a forecast of digital technologies application in oil and gas projects in the Arctic. Technological forecasts for the development of oil production and oil and gas mechanical engineering for the development of Arctic hydrocarbons have revealed the need to prioritize digital transformation with an emphasis on the development of remote drilling and production control systems, technologies for monitoring production facilities with the help of drones and machine vision, the creation of corporate data processing and analysis centers, the use of artificial intelligence in the construction of effective logistics routes and identification of hydrocarbon accumulation sites.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Digital transformation; Arctic; Oil&gas; Innovation; Offshore; Organizational mechanism
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