Informatics Techniques and Strategies for Information Transfer

Page, J. (1981). Informatics Techniques and Strategies for Information Transfer. IIASA Professional Paper. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: PP-81-001

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The primary objective of this paper is to review developments in informatics, both present and future, which are relevant to information transfer and the interconnection of information systems. Because developments in informatics are proceeding at a very rapid pace, while real user needs are difficult to establish in quantitative detail in advance of an informatics application in the form of actual service, it is necessary to consider flexible strategies in which the interaction between new technical possibilities and emerging user needs may be maximized. The need for such an approach is underscored by the fact that there are a large number of influences which together contribute to innovation in informatics, only some of which are directly related to the requirements of information transfer.

It should perhaps be stressed that in the context of this paper by "information transfer" is meant the transfer of scientific and technical information, including economics and the soft sciences generally: the transfer of information in the sense of news, cultural exchanges, commercial transactions, and entertainment is excluded, although some of the techniques with which we shall be concerned have been developed largely as a result of requirements in these fields.

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