The spatial simulation infrastructure for Indonesia v.0.1

Skalský, R. ORCID:, Balkovič, J. ORCID:, Folberth, C. ORCID:, Kraxner, F., & Yowargana, P. (2022). The spatial simulation infrastructure for Indonesia v.0.1. 10.5281/zenodo.6997968.

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The data on spatial simulation units (SimU) for Indonesia, version 0.1 (IND_SimU_v01) created during the RESTORE+ project. The primary purpose of the dataset is to provide spatially allocated inputs for bio-physical models (EPIC-IIASA, G4M, and WaNuLCAS), and economic optimization models (GLOBIOM) with minimum data content necessary for running the models, including the data on terrain, soil, and administrative units attributed to the spatial simulation units (SimU). The IND SimU v.0.1 data product consists of i) the spatial reference data (grid and lattice) organized in two separate GIS layers (point and polygon features) covering the whole of Indonesia, and ii) the table data organized in several separate (structured) text files corresponding to the spatial reference data which further describe the spatial elements (polygon/point feature attribute data). The spatial reference data consist of regular spatial grid and geographically corresponding centroid point lattice at spatial resolution of 5.0 (about 9.25 km on equator) with the bounding box (decimal degrees) of S 11.0833, E 95.0000 (lower left), and N 6.0833, E 141.0833 (upper right) corners. Table data further describe spatial elements (polygon/point features) and provide users/models with a data on real areas, land surface relative areas, administrative borders, and the terrain and soil conditions within the grid cell borders (or at the centroid point). The records in the data tables either directly correspond (one-to-one) to the SimU (individual grid cells or grid cell centroids – attribute tables) or provide an extended description of the classes used in the attribute tables (attribute domain tables). The list and description of the LMS RefGrids v.0.1 spatial reference data layers and the table data is stored with the data in separate data descriptor text files. The details of the dataset creation procedures are described in the separate document (

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