Water Demand for Generating Electricity - A Mathematical Programming Approach with Application in Poland

Stone, J.C., Singleton Jr., F.D., Gadkowski, M., Salewicz, K.A., & Sikorski, W. (1982). Water Demand for Generating Electricity - A Mathematical Programming Approach with Application in Poland. IIASA Research Report. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: RR-82-016

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This report documents a water demand study developed as a collaborative effort between the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA), Laxenburg, Austria; the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management (IMGW), Warsaw, Poland; and the Industry Studies Program of the University of Houston, Houston, Texas, USA. The study developed and applied a mathematical programming model of resource in an electric power plant. The model specifically represents a hypothetical, coal-fired plant located on the Vistula River in Poland. The modeling techniques, however, have very general applicability.

The report emphasizes issues of water demand in the modeled plant and also discusses coal transportation, and combustion. Major design and operating options for the plant are described, including the cooling system, water treatment processes, choices of coal type, and mode of transport, railroad or slurry pipeline. These options are constrained by identified standards for air and water quality, and the model is constructed to minimize costs of generating specified loads of electricity in accordance with these constraints.

The report provides a detailed description of the model's structure, relating each component to the identified options and constraints. Some general issues in modeling industrial operations are discussed. The report concludes with a presentation of illustrative water demand analyses performed with the model. The results are not definitive but highlight the power of the method and the importance of an integrated approach to studying water demand and other aspects of industrial resource use.

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