Satellite-Host Tradeoffs in Computer-Aided Design Systems

Hatvany, J. (1974). Satellite-Host Tradeoffs in Computer-Aided Design Systems. IIASA Research Memorandum. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: RM-74-020

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Computer-aided design is the generic term for a rapidly proliferating set of techniques which have become mandatory for all who wish to maintain their competitive positions in an increasing number of industries. CAD practitioners in advanced technology industries such as aerospace and electronics are usually highly sophisticated in computer usage and therefore able to configure their own CAD environments to suit their requirements. Those, however, who are relatively new to computers, are faced with a bewildering set of choices over which they have to make decisions. Should they have a cheap terminal linked to a remote time-sharing bureau? Should they attempt to do their whole design job on a dedicated, medium-sized in-house computer? Or should they invest in a high capability, intelligent terminal backed up by access to a central (or network-distributed) number-crunching and data-bank facility? What graphic facilities should they use? A drum plotter, a storage-tube display, interactive refresh graphics unit, hardware rotation, conic generation, zooming, are all choices that are presented to them and the manufacturers' praise of their own line is often more confusing than helpful.

The International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, IIASA, has recently embarked on a World Survey of CAD, one of whose aims has been to provide guidance to would-be users on the establishment of CAD facilities suited to their needs. In this work IIASA has relied heavily on the analysis of the activity phases in CAD, currently being conducted by W.G. 5.2 (Computer-Aided Design) of IFIP (The International Federation for Information Processing).

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