Simulated discharge statistics in Central and Southwestern Europe considering water use under 2K global warming

Greve, P. & Burek, P. ORCID: (2023). Simulated discharge statistics in Central and Southwestern Europe considering water use under 2K global warming. 10.5281/zenodo.8132867.

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We provide a novel, high-resolution hydrological modelling dataset using pseudo-global warming climate data as forcing to the Community Water Model (CWatM). CWatM is a state-of-the-art large-scale rainfall-runoff and channel routing water resources model that is process-based and used to quantify water supply, as well as human water withdrawals from different sectors (industry, domestic, agriculture) and multiple sources representing the effects of water infrastructure, including reservoirs, groundwater pumping and irrigation canals. CWatM is forced by a pseudo-global warming (PGW) experiment from 1981 to 2010. PGW simulations resemble historical weather patterns and events under globally warmer conditions (here, 2 K global warming) by perturbing historical, reanalysis-driven regional climate simulations. We performed simulations considering regular incremental adjustments of the historical water withdrawals (ranging between +/- 50% of historic water withdrawals) under PGW conditions. That range represents an ad hoc and simplified representation of multiple possible future water management scenarios across Southwestern and Central Europe. The approach allows us to investigate the effects of changing water withdrawals under 2 K global warming. Especially in Western and Central Europe, the projected impacts on low flows highly depend on the chosen water withdrawal assumption. The data highlights the importance of accounting for future water withdrawals in discharge projections.

Discharge statistics based on daily output from CWatM within 1981-2010:

Q1 - 1st percentile
Q5 - 5th percentile
Q10 - 10th percentile
Qavg - average discharge
Q90 - 90th percentile
Q95 - 95th percentile
Q99 - 99th percentile

Qxx_reference: CWatM considering historical water use forced by RACMO-ERA5
Qxx_PGW: CWatM considering historical water use forced by RACMO-ERA5 + climate pertubations under 2 K global warming. In the reference experiment, RACMO is forced at the lateral and sea surface boundaries of the model domain by unperturbed ERA5 reanalysis data, while in the pseudo-global warming experiment, the forcing data consist of perturbed reanalysis data. Perturbations are added to the ERA5 reference data corresponding to climate change patterns of surface pressure and sea surface temperature, and atmospheric profiles of temperature, relative humidity, and wind speed components that are retrieved from a 16-member single model initial condition ensemble of EC-EARTH global climate simulations.
Qxx_PGW_adjusted_demand: We have performed 11 additional hydrological simulations adjusting the historical water demand (ranging between +/- 50% of historic water withdrawals) to enable sensitivity assessments of low and high flows under 2 K global warming.
An upcoming publication will be made available and linked to this research very soon.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: climate change, hydrology, water use
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