An Econometric Input-Output Model of the West German Economy

Nyhus, D.E. (1982). An Econometric Input-Output Model of the West German Economy. IIASA Working Paper. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: WP-82-041

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This paper describes an econometric input-output model of the economy of the Federal Republic of Germany having 51 sectors, together with a forecast made using the model. Most of the data for the model comes from the Rheinische-Westfalische Institut fuer Wirtschaftsforschung in Essen. The model presented here is now part of the INFORUM system of dynamic input-output models.

Equations have been estimated to explain 46 categories of consumer expenditure, investment demands (plant and equipment separated) for 34 industries, exports for 51 industries, imports and inventory change for 51 industries. Equations to forecast input-output coefficients have been estimated. Forecasts of prices and incomes have not been made and are now left as future work.

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