Transformations and turnover of Phosphorous Compounds in the Lake Balaton ecosystem, 1976-1978

Leonov, A.V. (1982). Transformations and turnover of Phosphorous Compounds in the Lake Balaton ecosystem, 1976-1978. IIASA Working Paper. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: WP-82-027

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Transformation of the phosphorous compounds in Lake Balaton was described in the mathematical model BALSECT (Balaton Sector Model). This model, which deals with five types of phosphorous compounds--dissolved inorganic P, dissolved organic P, nonliving particulate organic P, bacterial P, and phytoplankton P--reflects the basic interactions between these compounds in accordance with the consecutive conversion of phosphorous compounds in the water environment. The rates of change in the phosphorous transformation processes are modeled to be dependent on and regulated by environmental factors such as temperature, radiation, water balance, and nutrient watershed load. The model also takes into account the wind action on the horizontal interbasin transport of phosphorus as well as phosphorous exchange between sediment and water. The measurements of temperature, radiation, wind, water balance, and phosphorous loading were used to examine the feasibility of the model in reproducing the phosphorous dynamics in the fourth basin of Lake Balaton for the environmental conditions of 1976-1978. The improved version of the possible watershed nutrient loading was used in this study. On the basis of the analysis of the turnover time values, the details of the cycling of the individual phosphorous compounds and the total P are presented in this report. The explanation of the trends in the phosphorous cycling in the terms of turnover time is considered useful and important for understanding the regime of the phosphorous transformation within the Lake Balaton Ecosystem for the different environmental conditions and changeable nutrient loading. Thus, the simulation results and calculated values of turnover time may be used for the formulation of suggestions concerning the water quality management of this lake.

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