Multiobjective and Stochastic Optimization

Grauer, M., Lewandowski, A., & Wierzbicki, A.P. (1982). Multiobjective and Stochastic Optimization. IIASA Collaborative Paper. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: CP-82-712

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This book is divided into four main sections, the first of which contains five papers dealing with the theoretical aspects of multiobjective and stochastic optimization. The seven papers included in Section II are concerned with those aspects of multiobjective analysis which have a direct relationship to decision making (some papers in Sections III and IV are also linked to decision making or decision support, although not so directly). Section III contains four papers dealing with uncertainties and multiobjective analysis. The first and last papers in this section also present solution techniques which are illustrated by means of examples. The final section contains papers which concentrate on solution techniques and indicate how they can be applied to practical problems; the software presented in this section can be regarded as a step toward computerized decision support systems. Naturally, some of the papers in other sections also touch on applications of multiobjective and stochastic optimization: examples are drawn from a wide range of activities, including regional planning, environmental control, wage negotiation and energy planning.

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