The Kinki Integrated Regional Development Program

Sawaragi, Y. & Straszak, A. (1982). The Kinki Integrated Regional Development Program. IIASA Collaborative Paper. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: CP-82-710

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This book, which is divided into 7 sections, covers not only the contributions made at a Workshop held in 1978 but also the results of additional work done at IIASA, in Japan, and elsewhere. The first section reviews the Kinki IRDP problematique: the region's situation and relations to other regions, its administrative division, its economic and demographic structure, its main congestions and other problems. This is followed by a section presenting some findings of IIASA's study of the Kinki region.

Some general aspects of regional planning and programming are discussed in the third section which concludes with the presentation of the framework developed for organizing regional programs and evaluating policy formulation. The fourth part deals with models for integrated regional development programs. It summarizes the experiences of IBM Japan in developing and using computer systems for regional planning, presents a method for recognizing basic regional issues and their structure, and describes a model for ultra-long-term integrated development in the Kinki region.

The fifth part is devoted to models for particular problem areas, and the sixth section presents methods for solving regional problems: multi-objective mathematical programming applied to social planning, the nested Lagrangian multiplier method applied to environmental system planning, and an approach toward group decision. The seventh section sets forth some concluding remarks.

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