Liquefied Energy Gas Facility Siting: International Comparisons

Kunreuther, H.C., Linnerooth, J., & Starnes, R. (1982). Liquefied Energy Gas Facility Siting: International Comparisons. IIASA Collaborative Paper. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: CP-82-S6

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This meeting examined in a comparative international context, the formal and informal procedures for resolving the problems of the siting of liquefied energy gas facilities.

Civil servants from France, engineers and economists from the USSR, environmentalist leaders from the UK, the US, and the Netherlands, industrialists from the FRG, and local government assessors, and social risk theorists from these countries, together with IIASA staff may seem an unlikely, cumbersome, and even volatile mixture. However, it was exactly this amalgam of conflicting interest and opinion that produced a remarkably sharp and useful debate. From it the team drew new insights, found new paths to explore, perceived new, simplified models of the procedures, and formed a new cohesive "team view" of the world.

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