Automation - Development of the Material-Technological Basis - Changed Conditions of Efficiency

Huebner, W. & Steinitz, K. (1982). Automation - Development of the Material-Technological Basis - Changed Conditions of Efficiency. IIASA Collaborative Paper. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: CP-82-085

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This paper was presented at a joint seminar on flexible automation held in Berlin (East) from June 8-11, 1982. The seminar was a collaborative project between IIASA and the Academy of Sciences of the German Democratic Republic.

The report and the working material presented to the conference deal, among other things, with the influence of the flexible automation on the further development of the material-technological basis and on the whole system of the productive forces. Hence the following questions arise: Does the qualitatively new level of automation mean in connection with the development and application of micro-electronics and what is flexible automation? What are the constituent elements of the new level of automation and which are the consequences for the development of the material-technological basis? and Which changes within the conditions of efficiency take place due to the new level of automation on the basis of micro-electronics? The presented paper offers some aspects regarding these questions.

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