Methods for Analyzing the Effects of Application of Decision Support Systems in R & D Decisions

Humphreys, P.C., Vari, A., & Vecsenyi, J. (1982). Methods for Analyzing the Effects of Application of Decision Support Systems in R & D Decisions. IIASA Collaborative Paper. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: CP-82-069

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This series of papers are a product of collaborative research coordinated through IIASA's Management and Technology Area. The collaborating institutions are Hungarian State Office of Technical Development (Personnel: Anna Vari, Janos Vecsenyi, Laszlo David); Decision Analysis Unit, Brunel University, England (Personnel: Patrick Humphreys, Lawrence D. Phillips); All-Union Research Institute of Systems Studies, USSR (Personnel: Oleg. I Larichev).

The papers report case studies prepared by the personnel from the collaborating institutions based on their own, and their colleagues' work in their own institutions. They worked together as a team in developing the methods for the analysis of these case studies which are described in the first paper in the series.

IIASA provided support for this work through its telecenter for communication between the investigations, and provided facilities for short term meetings between the investigations at IIASA for development of case studies and their comparative analysis. Particular MMT staff were Ronald M. Lee, Nora Avedisians, and Miyoko Yamada, who is the editor of this series.

A summary of this comparative analysis, based on the first four case studies in this series was presented at the IFIP/IIASA Conference on "Processes and Tools for Decision Support", Laxenburg, Austria, July, 1982.

The paper presented at the IFIP/IIASA conference will be published as Humphreys, P.C., O.I. Larichev, A. Vari, and J. Vecsenyi, Comparative analysis of decision support systems in R&D decisions, in H.G. Sol (ed.), "Processes and Tools for Decision Support", Amsterdam: North Holland, 1982. Another study in this series was published separately as L.D. Phillips: Requisite decision modeling: a case study. "Journal of the Operations Research Society, 1982, 33:303-311.

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