Preliminary Assessment of the Profitability of Industrial Robot Application

Katzarov, B.B. & Christov, T.M. (1982). Preliminary Assessment of the Profitability of Industrial Robot Application. IIASA Collaborative Paper. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: CP-82-048

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Innovation is assumed to be a process of linking the capabilities of scientific and technical achievements to satisfy some social needs with the particular contemporary necessities of goods and processes for a certain industry or country. It is reasonable to treat industrial robots as an example of such achievement, and one of the first steps to the mentioned above linking process may be a preliminary technical and economic assessment of the industrial robot application. A way of performing such an assessment is proposed in the paper.

A microcomputer based interactive information management system with a proper data structure suggests some (or no) robots which are appropriate for robotizing a certain workplace.

The appreciation of the robot suitability is made by a technologist and the approved robots are evaluated in a dialogue with the program which shows whether and how far a particular robot would be effective.

The information management system and the program for efficiency evaluation are parts of the consultative system based on PET COMMODORE 3001, experimentally used in IICR - BAS.

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