Land-Use Patterns in Southwestern Skane, Sweden: A Note on a Method and Some Preliminary Results

Schultz, J. (1982). Land-Use Patterns in Southwestern Skane, Sweden: A Note on a Method and Some Preliminary Results. IIASA Collaborative Paper. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: CP-82-039

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Since 1979, the Regional Development Group at IIASA has been engaged in a case study of economic and demographic development, land-use and related problems in the region of southwestern Skane in Sweden. The case study is the third in a series of attempts made by the Regional Development Group to apply systems analytic methods to regional planning problems in regions with different economic structures, resource endowments and organizational settings.

The research in the Swedish case study has been done in collaboration with the Intermunicipal Association of Southwest Skane (SSK), as a part of their ongoing work in physical and public transport planning for the metropolitan region of Malmo, and its neighboring municipalities. The research has been partly sponsored by the Swedish Council for Building Research.

In the case study an integrated systems analytic package of models is used which has been developed within the Regional Development Group in cooperation with a group of Swedish researchers and planners. In that package, separate models have been developed for interregional economic and demographic problems, and for intraregional land-use problems.

This paper focuses on the point of departure for the Skane analysis -- compilation of detailed information on existing land-use patterns. Because available official information was seriously incomplete, the researchers had to devise strategies for extracting data from other sources. By taking advantage of existing real estate tax information and conducting a survey of major public properties, they were able to account for nearly all land-use in the SSK region. The paper thus illustrates a creative solution to data problems that often hinder research at a subnational level.

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