Power plant siting: A Paretian environmental approach

Gros, J. (1975). Power plant siting: A Paretian environmental approach. Nuclear Engineering and Design 34 (2) 281-292. 10.1016/0029-5493(75)90125-9.

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Several different interest groups are involved in the siting decision process for nuclear power plants. Their inputs and how the final decision affects them are usually not explicitly included in mathematical analyses. Paretian analysis is a technique which attempts to identify the preferences of each of the interest groups involved in the decision-making process, and to illuminate the trade-offs among these groups. The specific problem studied is the deployment by a regional power plant siting agency of nuclear base-load power plants to coastal sites in New England. Four interest groups participate in power plant siting decisions; utility functions can represent their preferences. Techniques to find Pareto-admissible decisions are described.

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Bibliographic Reference: Nuclear Engineering and Design; 34(2):281-292 [1975]
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