Industrial structure and Possible Industrial Futures of the Malmoehus County

Ohlsson, L. (1982). Industrial structure and Possible Industrial Futures of the Malmoehus County. IIASA Collaborative Paper. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: CP-82-019

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Regional development and water resource systems have been an important part of IIASA's research since the Institute's inception. As regional activities grow and decline, the efficiency of land and water management must be developed further. This in turn requires an increase in the degree of sophistication of the analysis, including economic, social, natural resource, and environmental evaluation of development strategies aided by application of mathematical modeling techniques to generate inputs for planning decisions.

In the years 1978-1981 the Resources and Environment Area (REN) of IIASA in collaboration with the Department of Water Resources Engineering of the Lund Institute of Technology/University of Lund, Sweden (LTH) have carried out the study of water resources management problems in South Western Skane (Malmohus County) in Sweden. The study was initiated and pursued with the support of the Swedish National Environment Board, whose encouragement and financial assistance is gratefully acknowledged. The methodological work implemented within the framework of this study was generously supported by a grant from the Stiftung Volkswagenwerk, Hannover, Federal Republic of Germany.

Soon after initiation of the joint REN/LTH investigations, the Regional Development Task (RD) of IIASA engaged itself in a case study of economic and demographic, land-use, and related problems for the same region of Sweden. This work was pursued by the RD task in collaboration with the Southwest Skane Municipal Board, as part of the Board's ongoing work concerning physical and public transport planning for the metropolitan region of Malmo and its neighboring municipalities. Because of the obvious relation between the studies pursued by the REN area and the RD task, both groups interacted intensively throughout the whole duration of their work. Moreover, it was agreed that analysis of "alternative futures" of the water resource system in South Western Skane will take full advantage of the results of the RD studies concerning overall development prospects for the region.

This paper is an analysis of the current industrial structure of the Malmohus County and its possible evolution in the future. The results of analysis were used to generate industrial development scenarios for this particular region of Sweden, thus providing insight as to the possible future land and water use by industrial activities.

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