Some Salient Issues in Policy Evaluations of Urban Housing Markets

Leonardi, G. & Snickars, F. (1982). Some Salient Issues in Policy Evaluations of Urban Housing Markets. IIASA Professional Paper. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: PP-82-005

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Housing problems are truly universal. For households the residential choice decision is basic both in view of its influence on their welfare and the substantial portion of their budget it claims. For regions and nations, housing determines centrally the investment sacrifices and has strong influences on the financial markets. These significances of housing problems have entailed a whole range of laws, regulations, and policies to afflict the functioning of the markets both from quantity and distributional aspects.

Different nations and regions have developed different arsenals of policy tools. Some attempts have been made to review and compare the national housing policies and the methods used in policy assessment. Such comparative studies are less common at the regional level.

The current Working Paper addresses the contemporary issues of policy evaluations of the working of urban housing markets by suggesting a conceptual framework for such analyses, based on systems analytic considerations. The paper contains a claim for the development of a new generation of housing market models for policy evaluations based on modern theories of probabilistic choice and structural change in dynamic systems. It provides an agenda for an international research project on urban housing policies at a time when management and renewal have replaced expansion as traits of urban fabric.

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