Four Essays on Telematics and Videotex

Sebestyen, I. & Maurer, H.A. (1983). Four Essays on Telematics and Videotex. IIASA Research Report (Reprint). IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: RR-83-025. Reprinted from Informatics Services & Use, 2 [1982] and Electronic Publishing Review, 2 [1982] and 3 [1983]

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These essays analyze the technology and possible new services resulting from the creation and introduction of new information services offered by videotex systems. The bare existence of these services and of the uses that this novel technology offers is far from sufficient to guarantee success. One has to take into account all relevant relationships with other services, which creates a "selection environment" that finally determines the acceptance of the new technology. It is extremely difficult to predict the market penetration and rate of diffusion of videotex services, factors that would be of significance for decision and policy makers. The authors examine the penetration of other, associated technologies (such as radio and television) in different countries and cultures and relate them to economic and social factors.

New information services will be an important component of future society; indeed, they already have several definite features, whereas those of the future society are not yet discernible. Dr. Sebestyen addresses this problem, which transcends the macroeconomic impact of information technology and is a subject for study in the social sciences. Policies cannot be designed successfully without taking due account of all economic and social impacts of new technology. This is the overall message of these essays, together with an illustration of which uncertainties and risks a researcher in this field has to face.

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Bibliographic Reference: Reprinted from Informatics Services & Use; 2 [1982] AND Electronic Publishing Review; 2 [1982] and 3 [1983]
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