An Approach to Office Automation

Ischenko, A.N. & Tumeo, M.A. (1983). An Approach to Office Automation. IIASA Working Paper. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: WP-83-088

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In recent years, the increasing scale of production and degree of specialization within firms has led to a significant growth in the amount of information needed for their successful management. As a result, the use of computer systems (office automation) has become increasingly common. However, no manuals or set automation procedures exist to help organizations design and implement an efficient and effective office automation system.

The goals of this paper are to outline some important factors which should be considered when developing a common approach to office automation; to detail some of the problems and pitfalls which may be encountered; and to present one possible framework for the optimal method of designing and implementing an office automation system.

It is important to note that throughout this paper, the term "office" does not only refer to a single location, but to an organization as a whole, be it a single office or several offices organized into a firm, company, or corporation.

Four major areas are discussed in the decision to automate. These are the matching of computer functions and office functions, the impacts of office automation on office productivity, the effects of office automation on office structure, and economic considerations. A decision on office automation should be made only after an organization has explored each of these questions, as well as other impacts of automation which are unique to that organization.

The approach to office automation presented in this paper is based on past experiences of office automation projects, as well as consideration of the human aspects involved in implementing such systems.

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