A Dynamic Interactive Decision Analysis and Support System (DIDASS). Users Guide (May 1983)

Grauer, M. (1983). A Dynamic Interactive Decision Analysis and Support System (DIDASS). Users Guide (May 1983). IIASA Working Paper. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: WP-83-060

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The Interactive Decision Analysis group at IIASA has recently developed an interactive decision support system called DIDASS (dynamic interactive decision analysis and support system). The major advantage of this system over most other computerized approaches to decision problems is that it is interactive, that is, it involves the decision maker in the decision process. It is an attempt to combine the analytical power of the "hard" computer model with the qualitative assessments of the decision maker.

DIDASS is an interactive multicriteria programming package based on the reference (aspiration) approach to multicriteria analysis, and is capable of dealing with both linear and nonlinear problems. It has been written in FORTRAN 77, avoiding the use of any operating-system-dependent statements or commands, which means that it can be transferred to almost any computer without difficulty. This guide has been prepared for users both at IIASA and at the many collaborating institutions where DIDASS is now running, and is based on the version of DIDASS available on tape from IIASA.

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