The Aggregation of the Agricultural Supply Utilisation Accounts

Fischer, G. & Sichra, U. (1983). The Aggregation of the Agricultural Supply Utilisation Accounts. IIASA Working Paper. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: WP-83-042

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It is our hope that the publication of this paper will satisfy a number of requests, some of which stem from the very distant past, to provide detailed information about the data aggregation done by the FAP at IIASA. The Supply Utilisation Accounts on Agricultural Products (SUA), published by the FAO, have been the starting point for the aggregation of agricultural commodities and the time series available for the FAP commodity lists, as well as the basis for the FAP Data Bank. The SUA and its aggregates have been widely used in the FAP Modeling work, at IIASA and at the collaborating institutions.

This paper gives first some general explanations concerning the original SUA, and concentrates then mainly on the "aggregation-logic", for general cases and for special cases.

The last section deals with the computerization of the aggregation, as this constituted the main effort and seems to be a very valuable idea for similar types of calculations.

The appendixes, a large part of this paper, go into greater detail for the interested reader and for the users of the accounts.

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