Proceedings of Task Force Meeting "Organizational Structures in Innovation Management", Prague 30 May-3 June, 1983

Goncharov, V. & Vasko, T. (1983). Proceedings of Task Force Meeting "Organizational Structures in Innovation Management", Prague 30 May-3 June, 1983. IIASA Collaborative Paper. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: CP-83-050

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The papers in this volume are the proceedings of the Task Force Meeting on "Organizational Structures in Innovation Management" held in Prague from 30 May to 4 June, 1983, within the framework of the IIASA Innovation Management Case Study. This study is not primarily the result of IIASA in-house research but is based on collaboration with various organizations from IIASA's National Member Organization (NMO) countries. At present the study has more than 70 collaborators from 17 countries, including 9 international organizations (among them 5 international management organizations), and 14 industrial firms from 9 countries (see Appendix 4).

Though there are myriad innovation studies on-going around the world, IIASA has the unique advantage of bringing analysts together in a comparative international setting. The study has been organized as a partial input to a representative final monograph on "Innovation Management in Electrotechnology: Adapting to a Changing Environment". Different issues included in the study are planned to be discussed at separate task force meetings and the proceedings and discussion materials from these meetings will be integrated and used as basic information for a final Vienna conference next year and for preparation of the monograph (see Appendix 5).

The first of the above events was held in Leningrad in June 1982 and selected papers from this meeting were published as a IIASA Collaborative Paper CP-83-29. These proceedings are from the second in the series of task force meetings and the program is attached as Appendix 1. This program was used by the participants as a guideline in preparing their papers. A total of 8 countries (4 East and 4 West) were represented by 16 participants from both industry and research. Five Directors from electrotechnical firms were present (from Austria, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Finland and Yugoslavia) delivering papers on the accumulated experience of their companies.

Representatives from 5 management organizations, i.e., the Institute of Management in Prague, the Institute for Systems Studies in Moscow, the International Research Institute of Management Sciences in Moscow, and the Department of Business Administration from the University of Gothenburg, also presented papers reflecting the results of their work in the design of management organizational structures. Representatives from 2 additional organizations, the firm "Electrosila" (Leningrad) and the Polytechnical Institute (Leningrad) sent their papers as contributions to the meeting. (For a complete list of participants see Appendix 3).

The first report, presented by Prof. Holec, at the first plenary session was a general overview reflecting most of the papers and its object was to describe the trends of development in the organizational structures of the electrotechnical industry. This report helped in focusing the other presentations and discussions on the most important and mutually interesting problems within the framework of organizational structure issues.

All other papers are arranged in the same order they were presented at the meeting (see Appendix 2 for the Agenda of the meeting). The discussions are presented in summary form and reflect the character of the productive and creative environment of the meeting.

Finally, although we are indebted to many people who contributed towards the success of this meeting, special mention must be made to Helen Vyshinksaya for translating and language editing some of the papers and to Susie Riley who played the crucial roles of administrative assistant, language editor, typist and conscience during all stages of preparation for the meeting and these proceedings.

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