Background Material for a Meeting on Long Waves, Depression and Innovation - Siena/Florence, October 26-29, 1983

Bianchi, G., Bruckmann, G., & Vasko, T. (1983). Background Material for a Meeting on Long Waves, Depression and Innovation - Siena/Florence, October 26-29, 1983. IIASA Collaborative Paper. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: CP-83-044

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In recent years there has been a renewed interest in "long waves" -- cyclical economic movements of a span of fifty to sixty years - as had been investigated at an earlier time by such noted economists as Kondratieff and Schumpeter. This revival may, in part, be attributed to the prolonged recession the world economy has experienced since 1973.

Within the last few years, a (limited) number of renowned research institutions and distinguished scholars have substantially contributed to the advancement of the theory on long waves, with, however, little or no contact between them.

For this reason, IIASA and IRPET agreed to convene a meeting (Siena/Florence, October 26-29, 1983) to which all the authors of recent major contributions in the field of long waves should be invited. In .order to ensure the utmost efficiency of this meeting, its deliberations were limited to five topics; all potential active participants were invited to submit preliminary statements on any of these five topics, to be distributed to all the other participants well in advance.

This Collaborative Paper contains all the contributions received by the end of August 1983. The main purpose of this Collaborative Paper is to serve as background material for the Siena/Florence meeting. The present volume may further be regarded as a preliminary summary of the state of the art. It is hoped that revised versions of these contributions, together with the proceedings of the meeting, will form a more cohesive reader to be published elsewhere.

Further to this primary purpose of the present volume, it also contains information on the organizing institutions, IIASA and IRPET, and the program of the meeting, together with a few introductory summaries of the present state of the low wave debate.

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