Selected Papers Compiled from Presentations - Leningrad Task Force Meeting, May 24-29, 1982, Leningrad, USSR

Vasko, T. & Goncharov, V. (1983). Selected Papers Compiled from Presentations - Leningrad Task Force Meeting, May 24-29, 1982, Leningrad, USSR. IIASA Collaborative Paper. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: CP-83-029

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In line with the selected methodology, the Management and Technology area at IIASA decided to have the Innovation Management Task concentrate on sectors in an attempt to analyze the situation at this level of the economy before making any aggregations or conclusions relevant to management. In order to properly cover industry, it was suggested that branches that are at differing stages or that display different kinds of development be chosen for the study. Electrotechnology or power electrical engineering was one of the branches selected being an example of mature industry.

The task force meeting held in Leningrad from May 24-29, 1982, was the first attempt LO scan problems in this branch and gain some kind of understanding as to the research that has been performed. The event was a multiobjective undertaking intended to identify the interest in this field. potential collaborators, and relevant issues.

Due to the unique opportunity of becoming acquainted with the work of Soviet scientists, the papers presented were not only by researchers and scholars in this field, but also by decision makers on the different levels of management. For the first time, several issues are exposed for the English speaker, thus, rendering a service to the English speaking community of researchers, and enhancing the contacts with collaborators in socialist countries.

The papers are arranged into four sections, each devoted to issues that can be viewed as interesting topics for further research.

The discussion, found in the back of the proceedings as Appendix A, reflects the character of the productive and creative environment at the meeting. The reader must bear in mind that this is only an attempt to reflect the "milieu" as accurately as possible. It almost seems impossible to express the true working atmosphere created by the participants.

The task force meeting was also the first attempt to see if IIASA could prepare a program of interest to representatives of industrial enterprises. Many questions were raised and discused. The reactions expressed by the participants at the meeting and later on significantly prove that the answer is generally positive.

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