Labor Productivity in Austria Between 1964 and 1980

Mitter, P. & Skolka, J. (1983). Labor Productivity in Austria Between 1964 and 1980. IIASA Collaborative Paper. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: CP-83-021

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Input-output analysis has found widespread empirical application, in studies of how certain industrial sectors react to changes in national and international economic conditions and in static and dynamic investigations of the interrelationships between industries. Since 1979 IIASA has been consistently active in this field, primarily through extensive collaboration with the Inter-Industry Forecasting Program (INFORUM) coordinated at the University of Maryland by Clopper Almon and Douglas Nyhus. IIASA's new aims have been to further the development of econometric input-output models, to assist in the linkage of national models, and to participate in and extend the international network of collaborating scientists.

To date, eighteen national models have been installed at IIASA, the software package SLIMFORP has been distributed widely, and linked runs of some of the national models have been carried out. Furthermore, annual task force meetings on input-output modeling have served to bring together present and prospective members of the INFORUM-IIASA "family" to review progress and to exchange ideas for further work.

In this paper Peter Mitter (Institute for Advanced Studies, Vienna) and Jiri Skolka (Austrian Institute for Economic Research, Vienna, and also a participant in several recent task force and advisory meetings at IIASA) present the results of an analysis of labor productivity in Austria between 1964 and 1980. The study was carried out as part of continuing work on an Austrian dynamic input-output model within the INFORUM framework, and the results will form the basis for the determination of the model's productivity functions.

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