Major Methods of Increasing the Output of Feed Protein

Nazarenko, V.I., Sorokina, N.S., & Vinogradova, E.V. (1983). Major Methods of Increasing the Output of Feed Protein. IIASA Collaborative Paper. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: CP-83-013

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This paper is one of a series reviewing various forms of traditional agricultural production and related aspects. Preliminary work on this review was carried out within the scope of activities of the Food and Agriculture Program's Task 2 ("Technological Transformations in Agriculture: Resource Limitations and Environmental Consequences"). One of the goals of this task's activities is the review of various alternative technologies available in the world for the production of major crops and animal products.

In this task, the problem of achieving sufficient protein production for animal feed and the human diet is an important one. A review of nontraditional technologies for the production of protein was started after a task force meeting was held at IIASA in September 1980 (see Proceedings of a Task Force Meeting on New (Non-traditional) Technologies for the Utilization of Agricultural Wastes and By-products, CP-81-18). An overview of the possible ways of increasing the output of feed protein was carried out as a part of these activities and this is the subject matter of this paper. The information presented here is by no means complete; further details will be needed. However, the paper's value lies in the fact that it is one more step in the direction of an assessment of possible means of coping with the overall problem of producing sufficient protein.

Research work on the topics presented has been carried out partly at IIASA and partly at the All-Union Research Institute of Information and Technical-Economic Research in Agriculture.

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