Planning for Planning - Coal: Issues for the Eighties

Hancock, W., Sadnicki, M., & Tomlinson, R. (1983). Planning for Planning - Coal: Issues for the Eighties. IIASA Collaborative Paper. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: CP-83-012

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This collaborative paper is based on a meeting held at IIASA in November 1980. The meeting was part of a sequence of discussions arranged by IIASA in conjunction with the Polish Academy of Sciences and the Polish Mining Industry. A previous meeting had been held at Szczyrk, Poland in November 1979, and the proceedings are available as IIASA Working/Collaborative Papers, WP-80-140, CP-80-23, and CP-80-24. These coal industry meetings were part of a research program at IIASA under the generic title "Issues for the Eighties" in which systems analysts and managers from a given industry met to exchange ideas and information, as well as to explore and develop a strategy of using systems analysis, rather than using it merely as a tool to be brought in for certain well-defined problems.

The subject "Planning for Planning" was used as a shorthand to explore the use of systems analysis in the planning of new capacity for deep mining in hard coal. The discussions were attended by 17 representatives for 7 countries, and 13 papers were presented or tabled at the meeting. These are reproduced separately as IIASA Collaborative Paper CP-82-80.

This paper, which summarizes the discussion, structures the planning process and discusses the place of systems analysis within it. It also presents a state-of-the-art account of the uses of systems analysis for major investment planning in the coal industry, and indicates areas for future research. The summaries have been prepared in conjunction with Bill Hancock and Mike Sadnicki of the Operational Research Executive, National Coal Board, UK.

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