Innovation, Industry and Economy - A Top-Down Analysis

Marchetti, C. (1983). Innovation, Industry and Economy - A Top-Down Analysis. IIASA Professional Paper. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: PP-83-006

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In this paper Marchetti continues his Keplerian enterprise of simply organizing the statistical data "without-ever asking why or how." The data he organizes have to do with technological innovations, with cars, railways, energy sources and so on things as familiar to us as the air we breathe. The patterns that emerge, however, are less familiar. They suggest the "possible existence of invariant structures inside the complex flux of things we perceive." They suggest that, far from us controlling our technological environment, these invariant structures work themselves out through us. Such a conclusion Marchetti points out, is "difficult to reconcile with the voluntaristic ethics of the western world."

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