Problem Interface for Nonlinear DIDAS. Part 1: Static Systems

Lewandowski, A. (1986). Problem Interface for Nonlinear DIDAS. Part 1: Static Systems. IIASA Working Paper. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: WP-86-050

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One of the important problems of designing and inplementing Decision Support System relates to the user friendliness and simplicity of problem definition. This is especially important in the case when a model of the system, constraints and objectives are described in terms of nonlinear equations. In alI existing implementations of decision support systems this definition nust be performed on the level of FORTRAN or other high-level language, which requires a rather deep knowledge of computer programning. Preparation of the problem, especially analytical computation of derivatives can also be the source of errors.

In the paper the principles of implementation of user-friendly interface to DIDAS system is presented. This interface utilizes the small subset of the PASCAL language for defining the problem; the compiler of the language perfom all the algebraic manipulations necessary to analytical calculation and computation of the derivatives. This concept simplifies essentially the utilization of the DIDAS system and it can be extended for many other applications.

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