Ecological Problems: Their Study and Solution in the USSR

Yanshin, A.L. (1987). Ecological Problems: Their Study and Solution in the USSR. IIASA Working Paper. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: WP-87-103

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This paper is to appear in the Proceedings of the Workshop on Ecological Sustainability of Regional Development, held in Vilnius, Lithuania, USSR, 22-26 June, 1987. The author Academician Yanshin is a distinguished ecologist and friend of IIASA who always has something important to say. That is why this work is being published as a IIASA Working Paper, i.e., to provide earlier publication and to reach a wider audience.

Academician Yanshin gives an interesting account of the work of the Soviet Scientific Council on Problems of the Biosphere, siting very concrete examples of its success in the field of environmental management over the last decade. No doubt this is due to the leadership of Academician Yanshin himself.

The paper also provides some interesting perspectives on Vladimir Vernadsky, the great Soviet ecologist, whose book "The Biosphere" (1926) is a classic.

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