DISCRET: An Interactive Decision Support System for Discrete Alternatives Multicriteria Problems

Majchrzak, J. (1988). DISCRET: An Interactive Decision Support System for Discrete Alternatives Multicriteria Problems. IIASA Working Paper. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: WP-88-113

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This paper is one of the series of 11 Working Papers presenting the software for interactive decision support and software tools for developing decision support systems. These products constitute the outcome of the contracted study agreement between the System and Decision Sciences Program at IIASA and several Polish scientific institutions. The theoretical part of these results is presented in the IIASA Working Paper WP-88-071 entitled "Theory, Software and Testing Examples in Decision Support Systems" which contains the theoretical and methodological backgrounds of the software systems developed within the project.

This paper presents the DISCRET system. This system has been designed to solve basic multicriteria choice problems in which a finite set of feasible alternatives is explicitly given and for each alternative the value of all criteria are known. The decision maker is assumed to be rational in the sense that he can accept a Pareto-optimal solution as his final solution of the problem.

Such a decision problem is rather simple as long as the number of criteria and alternatives is small. However, if the number of alternatives and/or criteria grows, the human information processing capabilities may reach their limits and therefore decision support facilities need to be utilized to guarantee efficient decision making.

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