Atmospheric Deposition of Sulfur and Base Cations to European Forests

Ivens, W. (1988). Atmospheric Deposition of Sulfur and Base Cations to European Forests. IIASA Working Paper. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: WP-88-101

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To simulate acidification processes in forests (soils), it is important to know as well as possible the atmospheric input. Large scale models have recently been improved to take better into account the differences in deposition between forests and other surfaces.

In this report measurements of sulfur-fluxes onto the forest floor (54 case studies) are compared with deposition fluxes as calculated by the EMEP-model and by the RAINS modifications on this model. The value of the filtering parameter used in RAINS at this moment is discussed. A new quantitative basis for the filtering effect of different tree species is given.

Fluxes of base cations are compared to sulfur fluxes to quantify the neutralizing effects of base cations. There appears to be no direct proportional relationship between base cation and sulfur fluxes onto the forest floor. It is proposed to study the possibility of linking, within the RAINS model, basic cation deposition with the amount and magnitude of several sources of basic cations.

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