Social and Economic Consequences of Forest Decline in Czechoslovakia

Stoklasa, J. & Duinker, P. (1988). Social and Economic Consequences of Forest Decline in Czechoslovakia. IIASA Working Paper. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: WP-88-028

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The forests of Czechoslovakia are seriously endangered by air pollution. Another factor contributing to forest decline could be the historical development of silviculture. The study discusses the contemporary state of forests in Czechoslovakia and the outlook to 2000. Continued forest decline could seriously endanger the non-timber functions of forests. The importance of the water-controlling function of forests and its economic efficiency are broadly discussed. The largest part of the paper deals with the influence of forest decline on recreation. Even with limited data, one can observe a continually growing demand for recreation in mountain areas with damaged forests. The reasons lie in the historical development and peculiar features of recreation in this socialist society. The difficulties of forecasting peoples' behavior and their recreational demands is recognized. The last part of the paper deals with the influence of forest decline on production in the wood-processing and pulp-and-paper industries and strategies for their future. It will be necessary to change the structure of the forest-products sector and to investigate the newest technologies for the best utilization of all wood grown, which due to forest damage and the ensuing compulsory sanitation fellings will increase first and then after some years decrease. The study shows that forest decline in Czechoslovakia will lead to high economic losses and high consequent costs and investments in future decades, and can also have serious social consequences even if none have yet been manifested.

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