The Silvics of Some East European and Siberian Boreal Forest Tree Species

Korzukhin, M.D., Rubinina, A.E., Bonan, G.B., Solomon, A.M., & Antonovsky, M.Y. (1989). The Silvics of Some East European and Siberian Boreal Forest Tree Species. IIASA Working Paper. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: WP-89-056

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In recent years, the boreal forest has received increased scientific attention in light of projected climatic warming to boreal regions from increased concentrations of atmospheric carbon dioxide. The ecological consequences of such a warming could be significant. However, before the consequences of climatic change can be properly investigated, the ecology of boreal forest tree species must be adequately understood. Though the life-histories of many North American boreal forest tree species are well known, little comparable information has been compiled in English for the major boreal forest tree species of the Soviet Union. In this paper, we present a preliminary description of the silvics of seven of these species -- their ranges, optimum climatic and soil conditions, regeneration characteristics, tree growth features, responses to suboptimal site conditions, and reaction to fire. We hope that this information will provide a useful data base for use in modeling the ecology of these species.

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