Technology Development and Product Life Cycle: The Case of Counter-pressure Casting in Bulgaria

Tonchev, T., Djarova, J., & Nenov, I. (1989). Technology Development and Product Life Cycle: The Case of Counter-pressure Casting in Bulgaria. IIASA Working Paper. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: WP-89-044

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This paper presents the second part of the case study developed at the Metals Technology Company, in Bulgaria, which created and is applying the new original Bulgarian technology of casting by counter-pressure. After an investigation of the technology life cycle in the first part, the second part of the study concentrates on the inter-relation between technology and product life cycles. Selected product areas were investigated, and the product life cycle was applied in analyzing the product structure of aluminum casting and different product technologies. Reasons for some instances of reduced competitiveness of these technologies leading to lost market positions in certain product areas were also investigated.

The case study demonstrates the applicability of technology and product life cycles as management tools useful in connection with new original technologies, developed in small countries. As a tool, the life cycles can be used to find market niches and strengthen company strategy.

This paper, therefore, is a continuation of the IIASA working paper WP-87-088, "Management and Technology Life Cycle: Bulgarian Case Study on the Technology of Counter-pressure Casting" by J. Djarova, C. Nachev, I. Nenov, and T. Tonchev. The two together describe the entire case study.

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