Current Forest Resources and Forest Decline in Poland

Wylezinski, A.T. & Wiesik, J. (1989). Current Forest Resources and Forest Decline in Poland. IIASA Working Paper. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: WP-89-015

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Forests in Poland are very sensitive to stress factors. The total area of stands under different stress factors leading lo forest decline, as well as the number of these factors, increases every year. There are some forest areas where decline has reached the extent of ecological catastrophe. In the so-called "chain disease" of Polish forests, air pollution is the first and the most harmful factor.

According to the latest estimates, visible symptoms of damage occur on 8% of the total forest area in Poland. It is estimated that hidden physiological damage can be found on 50% of the total forest area. The increment losses alone were assessed to be about 3 million m^3 annually, a volume having a value of approximately 25 milliard zlotys.

The present paper gives a description of forest resources and forest decline in Poland on the basis of a database constructed for wood supply simulation. The given information is valid for about 94% of Polish forests belonging to the State Forest Enterprise and for about 98% of private forests, thus constituting over 90% of the total forest area in Poland. In the first part of the paper, the source of information on forest resources and decline as well as forest inventory practice in Poland are described. Then, forest area, growing stock, division into natural regions and districts, age structure and species mixture of Polish forests are considered. Next, information on harvests in 1985 for State Forest Enterprise and private forests is reviewed. Finally, the phenomenon of forest decline in Poland as well as its very preliminary consequences are discussed.

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