Emissions of Ammonia in Europe

Klaassen, G. (1990). Emissions of Ammonia in Europe. IIASA Working Paper. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: WP-90-068

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The ammonia emissions of the RAINS (Regional Acidification INformation and Simulation) model are presented. Sources of ammonia considered are livestock farming, fertilizers, industry, human population and other anthropogenic sources. In contrast to previous studies emission factors are country specific, accounting for differences in stall period and fertilizer level, using recent data on emission coefficients in the Netherlands. Moreover, other sources such as dairy cows and human populations, are included. Ammonia emissions in 1980 in 26 European countries and Turkey are estimated at 7045 kilotons. That is 10 per cent higher than Buijsman (1987) estimated. Ammonia emissions in 1987 are 7205 kilotons and 15 per cent lower than a recent study by Asman (1990) indicated. RAINS estimates are in line with various national estimates.

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