Economic Reform and Integration. Proceedings of 1-3 March 1990 Meeting

Aven, P.O., Shatalin, S.S., & Schmidt-Bleek, F. (1990). Economic Reform and Integration. Proceedings of 1-3 March 1990 Meeting. IIASA Collaborative Paper. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: CP-90-004

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The general aim of the IIASA Project on "Economic Reform and Integration" (ERI) can be formulated as establishing bridges between eastern and western economic theory and practice, creating conditions for mutually assimilating successful managerial experience, and for possible rapprochement of economic systems.

This volume contains major contributions by Soviet scientists, together with comments by western experts offered during the 1-3 March 1990 ERI Meeting. We believe that this material is of wide and timely interest and may also serve as a reference document for later studies once the time has come to penetrate scientifically the very fast changes we are witnessing today in central and eastern Europe.

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