User-Oriented Networks: A Series. Part II. Inter-User Communication and Its Implications for Network Topography

Orchard-Hays, W. (1975). User-Oriented Networks: A Series. Part II. Inter-User Communication and Its Implications for Network Topography. IIASA Working Paper. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: WP-75-082

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In Part I (IIASA WP-75-81), three types of networks were identified: commercial, cooperative, and user-oriented. It is the last which is of long-range interest to IIASA. A possible fourth type -- data base networks -- although of great interest to IIASA, need not be considered separately for the problem discussed here.

The usual arrangement for a commercial network permits many users to connect to a single central computing system and to utilize whatever services it provides. One of these services is the ability for one user to send messages to any other user who is on-line. This is frequently extended to provide a "mail-box" function for users not on-line at the time, and also to broadcast messages to all users or to leave "mail" for all users, or for all users of a group. The important point to note is that these services are functions of the central computing system.

In a cooperative network, the user first accesses the network and then, with network protocols, connects to a particular central computing system. From then on, the situation is no different from a commercial system. The network's central control system may have a limited ability to broadcast emergency messages, but users can only communicate with other users on the same central computing system.

In a user-oriented network, the above arrangement negates one of the principal purposes of the network, i.e. the ability for users to communicate easily with one another even though they may be using different central computing systems or even none at all. In order to analyze this problem easily, we need to invent some succinct symbology.

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