Population and development within the ecosphere: One view of the literature

Keyfitz, N. (1991). Population and development within the ecosphere: One view of the literature. Population Index 57 (1) 5-22.

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Contemporary academic economists, unlike those of the nineteenth century, find that although population growth and density can have bad effects on development, these will only be severe with wrong economic policies. Technical advance and substitution in free markets avoid major difficulties, for example shortage of materials. But ecologists see the poor cutting trees for firewood, the rich pouring carbon into the atmosphere, and doubt the capacity of the environment to absorb the effects of dense and growing populations and their present technologies. On both sides are distinguished scholars, whose writings cannot here be covered exhaustively, but only enough said for background to the question posed to demographers: Should this central population issue not be on our research agendas?

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Bibliographic Reference: Population Index; 57(1):5-22 (Spring 1991)
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