DINAS - Dynamic Interactive Network Analysis System, v.3.0

Ogryczak, W., Studzinski, K., & Zorychta, K. (1991). DINAS - Dynamic Interactive Network Analysis System, v.3.0. IIASA Collaborative Paper. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: CP-91-012

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This paper describes the methodological background and user manual of the Dynamic Interactive Network Analysis System (DINAS) which enables the solution of various multiobjective transshipment problems with facility location using IBM-PC XT/AT microcomputers. DINAS utilizes an extension of the classical reference point approach to handling multiple objectives. In this approach the decision-maker forms his requirements in terms of aspiration and reservation levels, i.e., he specifies acceptable and required values for given objectives. A special TRANSLOC solver was developed to provide DINAS with solutions to single-objective problems. It is based on the branch and bound scheme with a pioneering implementation of the simplex special ordered network (SON) algorithm with implicit representation of the simple and variable upper bounds (VUB & SUB). DINAS is prepared as a menu-driven and easy in usage system armed with a special network editor which reduces to minimum effort associated with input a real-life problem.

Version 3.0 is highly compatible with the previous one. Differences between these versions are small, resulting from the introduction of some new features into the system.

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