IAC-DIDAS-N - A Dynamic Interactive Decision Analysis and Support System for Multicriteria Analysis of Nonlinear Models, v.4.0

Kreglewski, T., Granat, J., & Wierzbicki, A.P. (1991). IAC-DIDAS-N - A Dynamic Interactive Decision Analysis and Support System for Multicriteria Analysis of Nonlinear Models, v.4.0. IIASA Collaborative Paper. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: CP-91-010

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This paper presents introductive and user documentation -- including extended summary, theoretical manual, short user manual and description of illustrative examples -- for a version of decision analysis and support systems of DIDAS family that is designed for multicriteria analysis of nonlinear models on professional microcomputers. This version has been developed in the years 1986-1990 in the Institute of Automatic Control, Warsaw University of Technology, under a joint research program with the Systems and Decision Sciences Program of IIASA. It can be run on professional microcomputers compatible with IBM-PC-XT or AT (with Hercules Graphics Card, Color Graphics Adapter or Enhanced Graphics Adapter and, preferably, with a numeric coprocessor and a hard disk) and supports graphical representation of results of interactive multicriteria analysis. Moreover, this version called IAC-DIDAS-N is provided with a new nonlinear model generator and editor that support, in an easy standard of a spreadsheet, the definition, edition and symbolic differentiation of nonlinear substantive models for multiobjective decision analysis. A specially introduced standard of defining nonlinear programming models for multiobjective optimization helps to connect the model generator with other parts of the system. Optimization runs involved in interactive, multiobjective decision analysis are performed by a solver, that is, a version of nonlinear programming algorithm specially adapted for multiobjective problems. This algorithm is based on shifted penalty functions and projected conjugate directions techniques similarly as in former nonlinear versions of DIDAS, but it was further developed and several improvements were added. The system is permanently updated and developed. Currently (starting from October 1990) the version 4.0 of the system is released. Most of enhancements added in this version are not directly visible to the user. They influence the efficiency of the system.

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