Preliminary Data Requirements for a Feasibility Study of the Solar Option in the Rhone-Alpes Region of France

Weingart, J.M. (1975). Preliminary Data Requirements for a Feasibility Study of the Solar Option in the Rhone-Alpes Region of France. IIASA Working Paper. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: WP-75-068

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This paper is one of a series describing a multidisciplinary IIASA research program on Integrated Energy System Modeling and Policy Analysis. The initial phase of this research program is focused on the energy systems of three regions: the State of Wisconsin in the U.S.A.; the German Democratic Republic; and the Rhone-Alpes Region in France. The primary purposes of the study are at least three-fold:

(1) To identify existing patterns of regional energy use and supply at appropriate levels of disaggregation.

(2) To compare alternative methodologies for regional energy forecasting, planning, and policy development.

(3) To use the above methodologies to examine alternate energy policy strategies for each of the regions, to explore their implications from various perspectives using sets of indicators related to environmental impacts, energy use efficiency, etc., and to evaluate the adequacy of the alternative methodologies as policy tools.

Out of these above three items should evolve improved methodologies for energy systems research and policy analysis. The comparative method, intersecting the different disciplines and nations which would be involved in this project, should serve as a powerful tool to the mutual benefit to the participating nations as well as to other countries facing similar energy problems. It could also serve as a prototype for similar studies on other resources such as materials, water, air, i.e. as a vehicle for development of an approach for improved resource management.

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