Future Prospects for Renewable Energy Sources in a Global Frame

Lund, P. (1992). Future Prospects for Renewable Energy Sources in a Global Frame. IIASA Collaborative Paper. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: CP-92-003

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Consensus exists that further environmental pollution and the resulting climatic changes could be prevented if energy systems emissions are significantly reduced. Scientists and politicians worldwide are studying ways for the transition from current energy systems which are mainly based on fossil (carbon) fuels to systems with a non-carbon base. Four directions are known to achieve such reductions: (1) energy conservation and efficiency improvements; (2) replacement of high-content-carbon fuel (coal, crude oil) by low-content and more effectively used fuels (natural gas); (3) wide introduction of non-carbon fuels or technologies; and (4) CO2 removal from flue gas. Renewable energies are often considered as one of the major possible contributors to the solution or, at least prevention, of global warming.

However, there are several controversial and negative points which diminish the importance of the renewable energy options. These are: low density of natural energy fluxes which require large and expensive devices to trap and convert those energy forms into useful energy; strong dependence on local conditions; large fluctuations over daytime or seasons; and slow increases in fossil fuel prices in the future (if no special environmental constraints are imposed). Therefore, it is highly important to have a balanced and reasonable view on the real contribution of renewable energy sources towards solving global energy/environmental problems.

Here, the author makes an attempt to approach the problem of implementing solar and wind technologies in a global frame.

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