Environmental aid to Eastern Europe: Swedish and Estonian perspectives

Loefstedt, R.E. (1994). Environmental aid to Eastern Europe: Swedish and Estonian perspectives. Eurasian (Post-Soviet) Geography & Economics 35 (10) 594-607. 10.1080/10605851.1994.10640976.

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This study examines the Swedish and Estonian publics' views on Eastern Europe's environmental problems and on providing and receiving environmental aid. It utilizes a series of research techniques: a random telephone survey in Sweden, person-to-person interviews in Estonia, a content analysis of Sweden's largest newspaper, and interviews with policymakers in both countries. Both the Swedish and Estonian publics are more concerned about local, rather than transboundary, environmental problems. The majority of respondents in the Swedish sample supported giving environmental aid for altruistic reasons, whereas the majority of the Estonian respondents saw the environmental aid as essential to fund environmental improvements in their own county.

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Research Programs: Risk Analysis and Policy (RAP)
Bibliographic Reference: Eurasian (Post-Soviet) Geography & Economics; 35(10) [1994]
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